2017 Shows

14-16 April – Taupo
12-14 May – Napier
2-5 June – New Plymouth
13-15 July – Tauranga
22-24 July – Auckland The Cloud
29-31 July – Te Rauparaha Arena Porirua

NZ Craft & Design Show

Back in the days when NZ’ers had to make just about everything themselves craftspeople were abundant. 10,000’s of people flocked to see what kiwis can do in the 80’s and 90’s and we showered the with appreciation in abundance and were joyful for their craft and their objects and their Art.

And then the game changed, as the new chapels of happiness had people lose sight of the craft exchanged for the cheap, the imported, the instant, the commerce. And times got darker for the joyful creators and some gave up and some got old and some went into hiding, the others – well they’re still here!

With new Object Art Content the 2016 of The NZ Craft & Design Show has been in part brought to life with Skulltopia Exhibition Object Art, Cottage Industry, delectable food, Quality Vendors, Familiar faces and some new, setting up in your town soon, eager to see you.


A New Framework for Art.

The NZ Craft & Design Show has invited local artists to participate in the Skulltopia Project.

Primed plaster skulls have been distributed and local artists from all genres, are transforming them into Objects of Art.

These carefully crafted masterpieces toiled over for hours, offer a once in a life time opportunity for you to own a common object uniquely personalized by a talented local artist.

The exhibition is within the NZ Craft & Design Show and is included with your admission price.

Skulls can be purchased at the event with a guide price of $260 each

Artists apply below.


Craft Vendors

We know there’s more to shows that meets the eye.

Craft and Design Show targets buyers  who are attracted to come and for innovation, object art, design, and craft. All shows are held over three days. Friday-Sunday 10am-4.30pm

The NZ Craft & Design shows attract thousands of eager buyers.

Appearing at NZ Craft and Design Show is a must for all forward thinking innovative craft and design entrepreneurs.  Apply to be part of the shows now.

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